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Kat Burris

Kat Burris

PritikinLIVE educator Kat Burris MS, RDN is a native of San Diego and is a clinical, private practice, and corporate Dietitian. Her professional approach to nutrition is a combination of evidence-based research, behavior modifications, nutrition education, and intuitive eating principles to make sustainable lifestyle changes. She believes in educating and empowering cardiac rehab patients to make informed decisions in food management to fuel themselves for optimal health and disease prevention. When Kat is not working you will find her in the kitchen testing out new recipes or in her vegetable garden where she loves showing and teaching her kids where good food comes from. Kat is a mama to three wild, dirt-loving little boys who inspire her daily to create nutritious, delicious, and FUN foods that keep them fueled and on the go!

The CALORIE Conundrum

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