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R. James Barnard, Ph.D.

Research Compendium


Intensive Cardiac Rehab

The Latest Research

Traditional cardiac rehabilitation (CR) improves cardiovascular outcomes and reduces mortality, but less is known about the relative benefit of intensive cardiac rehab (ICR), which incorporates greater lifestyle education.  This retrospective cohort study of Medicare Fee-For-Service beneficiaries found that ICR was associated with 12% lower all-cause mortality when compared with CR.

Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes

Published December 2023

"Intensive Versus Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation: Mortality and Cardiovascular Outcomes in a 2016-2020 Retrospective Medicare Cohort"

Pritikin Program

Additional Research

Nature Metabolism

Published June 2023

“Dietary Weight Loss-Induced Improvements in Metabolic Function Are Enhanced by Exercise in People with Obesity and Prediabetes”

Journal of the Endocrine Society

Published June 2023

"Short-Term Intensive Lifestyle Therapy in a Worksite Setting Improves Cardiometabolic Health in People With Obesity"

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention

Published November 2022

"Benefits of the First Pritikin Outpatient Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program"

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