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Your path back to heart health begins with Pritikin.

Taking the First Step

Having a heart event can be a challenging and emotional experience.  But you don’t have to go through this alone.

The care teams at Pritikin's growing network of hospitals and physician-based practices are ready to provide the support and education you need as you commit to a heart-healthy lifestyle and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Pritikin Program

Three Key Pillars

Pritikin’s comprehensive cardiac rehab program is based on three simple – yet powerful  concepts which come together to form the foundation of a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Regular Exercise

Improved cardiovascular endurance

Increased strength

Improved flexibility

Enhanced overall health

Heart-Healthy Nutrition

Affordable and satisfying foods

Successful weight management

Label reading guidelines

Simplified cooking and dining out

Healthy Mind-Set

Stress and anxiety management

Communication skills improvement

Effective goal-setting

Tobacco cessation

What Patients Say

pritikin icr logo figure

Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Sentara CarePlex Hospital

"(It was) the best 12 weeks of my life, because it was life-changing.  We can be alive, but the way that I feel better is due to the Pritikin program."

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Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Marshall Medical Center

"What a remarkable program it is...all designed to help me, an individual, regain my health.  This program has changed my mental and physical outlook for the better.  I am once again optimistic about my life opportunities."

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Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Christus Shreveport-Bossier Health

"I am in a much better place today because of the program.  It's made a positive impact on my life...it's just a shame I had to have a heart attack to get there!"

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Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Cardiovascular Institute of the South

"That's all I was looking for: a better quality of life and to be able to live life to the fullest, which I'm able to do now."

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Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Marshall Medical Center

"After my open heart surgery, I experienced a very difficult time.  I'm so grateful that my cardiologist signed me up for the program.  It was, truly, a life-saver."

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Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Columbus Regional Hospital

"After a heart event, you feel like, 'Am I going to live a normal life?'  When you start learning the Pritikin program, you know you can live a normal life."

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Cardiac Rehab Graduate

Marshall Medical Center

"What an outstanding program, one that has and will continue to literally safe my life!  I know Pritikin is the best of its kind nationwide."

Components of the Pritikin Program

What to Expect

exercise equipment

Personalized Exercise

Your care team will outline a plan to meet your individual needs.

dietitian explaining label reading concepts

Interactive Workshops

Learn more about exercise, nutrition, and a healthy mind-set.

cutting board with vegetables

Cooking Demos

Discover how easy it is to prepare heart-healthy meals at home.

screenshot from Pritikin educational video

Informative Videos

Take a closer look at the fundamentals of the Pritikin program.

Pritikin ICR Patient Guidebook

Patient Guidebook

Designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need for success, both during cardiac rehab and long after the program is complete, your in-depth "playbook" for cardiac rehab includes:

  • Goal-Setting and Sustainability Tools
  • Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List
  • Personalized Exercise Guide
  • 100+ Heart-Healthy Recipes...and more!
Ask your doctor whether you can participate in the Pritikin program.

Qualifying Conditions and Procedures

icon_heart attack
icon_bypass surgery
icon_stenting or angioplasty
icon_stable angina
icon_heart or heart-lung transplant
icon_valve repair or replacement
icon_chronic heart failure
Available at Leading Healthcare Facilities Nationwide

Pritikin Locations

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