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Next-Level Patient Education

More tools for your team, more time with your patients.

Empowering You and Your Team

As a cardiac rehab professional, you are focused on providing the best experience for patients, but when it comes to education, you’re either not being reimbursed or you’re offering it at the expense of exercise. On top of that, your staff – already limited on time and resources – is tasked with developing the education themselves.

That’s where Pritikin can help. Our Medicare-approved program empowers you to standardize your education and dedicate your valuable bandwidth where it matters most: to direct patient care.


Interactive Workshops

Professionally-designed PowerPoint presentations, detailed speaker notes, and complete lesson plans ensure your team can deliver Pritikin’s educational messaging clearly and consistently.

icon_cooking demos

Cooking Demos

Each Cooking School lesson brings the Pritikin Eating Plan to life as patients learn to prepare heart-healthy meals and snacks without added salt, sugar, or fat. Topics include plant-based proteins, international cuisine, efficiency cooking, and entertaining.

Informative Videos

Pritikin’s extensive video library offers closed captioning in both English and Spanish, and we provide pre- and post-video prompts to further engage your patients in the conversation.

A Personalized Playbook for Cardiac Rehab

Patient Guidebook

When you partner with Pritikin, your cardiac rehab patients have access to a complete collection of professionally-developed printed educational materials, including our comprehensive Patient Guidebook.  Designed to equip patients with the tools and knowledge needed for success, both during cardiac rehab and long after the program is complete, this in-depth "playbook" for cardiac rehab includes:

  • Goal-Setting and Sustainability Tools
  • Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List
  • Personalized Exercise Guide
  • 100+ Heart-Healthy Recipes...and more!


Pritikin Program

Three Key Pillars

Regular Exercise

Improved cardiovascular endurance

Increased strength

Improved flexibility

Enhanced overall health

Heart-Healthy Nutrition

Affordable and satisfying foods

Successful weight management

Label reading guidelines

Simplified cooking and dining out

Healthy Mind-Set

Stress and anxiety management

Communication skills improvement

Effective goal-setting

Tobacco cessation

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Pritikin's licensed providers represent nationally-recognized heart hospitals and are among some of the largest health systems in the country.  Join our growing network as we transform the cardiac care experience for patients nationwide.

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