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Pritikin Patients of the Year

UnityPoint Health Trinity Heart Center - Rock Island, IL

Since 2018, UnityPoint Health's Trinity Heart Center has served more than 1,800 people through the Pritikin program.

“The journey through cardiac rehab is a testament to the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to let heart disease define them. Graduation is not just a milestone; it’s a declaration of their commitment to reclaiming their lives,” said Kathy Pulley, Director of Cardiology Services. “The people that take part in Pritikin are seeing amazing, life-changing results as they work toward a more heart-healthy life, and we’re honored that they trust us with their care.”

To learn more, check out the local news story or visit UnityPoint Health's website.

Heart Attack Survivor Fights the Good Fight

Renown Health - Reno, NV

Mondo Corona went to the Renown Health emergency room after experiencing a persistent earache.  A blood test revealed that he’d experienced – and survived – a widowmaker heart attack!  Just over a month after undergoing a triple bypass procedure, this patient-turned-ICR-advocate began attending Renown Health’s ICR program where he learned to modify his lifestyle and prioritize his heart health. 

He described his experience as life-changing: “The care teams at both Renown (Health) and ICR were incredible.  There wasn’t a single person we came across who didn’t immediately become a part of the family.  They truly cared for us, all of us, including the extended family that came to visit.  They were informative and supportive.  I felt like I created lasting bonds with so many of them, especially the gang in ICR.  What amazing people.”   

Watch the video above to meet Mondo and his family, or visit the Renown Health blog to learn more about his incredible story. 

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