Encourage Your Congressional Representative to Support H.R. 1406

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  • April 3, 2023

The best way to advocate for permanent access to virtual CR and ICR services is to contact your representative and ask that they support the recently introduced Sustainable Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services in the Home Act (H.R. 1406).  With your help, we can ensure that all eligible patients have access to these critically important virtual healthcare services – for many years to come!

Not sure where to start? Identify one of the two options below and follow each step to ensure your voice is heard!

Option 1: Send a Text

If you are pressed for time, or would like an easy way to invite family and friends to voice their support for H.R. 1406, it doesn't get much easier than sending a text!

Text "Sign PDQXFN" to "50409", answer a few short questions, and a copy of this letter will be sent to your congressional representatives.

To scan the code, open the camera app on your smartphone and point it to the code. Click the pop-up which appears onscreen. Your text message app will open, auto-populated with "50409" as the recipient and "Sign PDQXFN" as the message.


Option 2: Contact Your Representative Via Mail, Phone, or Website

This option provides more opportunity for personalization.  By sharing a personal testimonial or patient story illustrating why this bill is important to you, your message may draw more attention.

Click each heading below to expand the step-by-step directions.

Download the Word document below and use one of the sample messages as a starting point. Be sure to replace highlighted areas with information specific to you and, if applicable, your cardiac rehab facility and/or patients.

Below are a few tips to help guide you as you craft your message. Each letter should be:


State your subject clearly in the email subject line or first sentence of the letter.


Identify yourself as a constituent. State your views, support them with your expert knowledge, and cite the bill number for the Sustainable Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services in the Home Act: H.R. 1406.


Always explain the local relevance of the issue. Use "I" statements and cite specific examples.


Keep your letter to one page, or your email to 500 words or less.

To determine your representative, visit congress.gov and type your zip code. You will be directed to a listing of your specific congressional leaders featuring their contact information: mailing address, office phone number, and a hyperlinked "contact" link which will take you directly to a submission form on their website.

NOTE: For this first round of legislation (H.R. 1406), you will want to contact your representative only – not senator(s).

This step is up to you! Using the contact information obtained in the previous step, you can mail, call, or email your representative, or use the submission form on their website.



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my message once it reaches Capitol Hill?

  • A legislative correspondent downloads your message and verifies you as a constituent. Messages are routed, printed, and/or tallied accordingly. Important or compelling messages are given to a legislative assistant, and from there, particularly moving messages are shared directly with the member of Congress. A summary of all messages is provided at the issue briefing before the vote occurs.

Why do the text message prompts from Resistbot (Option 1) ask for identifying information?

  • Elected officials may delete messages and voicemails if they are unable to verify that they were sent by an actual constituent. To help determine your specific elected officials and deliver your message accordingly, you will need to provide personal information, including your name, email address, and physical address.

How will the Resistbot text message (Option 1) reach my representative(s)?

  • Resistbot initially tries to deliver your message electronically using the Congressional electronic message system or through the equivalent state-level system. Resistbot has worked directly with Congress to make this possible: it is fast, reliable, and easy for staffers to handle and tally. If electronic delivery fails, Resistbot will next attempt to fax, send your letter through postal mail, or volunteers will deliver by hand, in that order.


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