The power of cardiac rehab, in the hands of every patient.

Virtual ICR

Expand your cardiac rehab program and overcome barriers to patient participation through Pritikin's home-based ICR solutions.

Broaden Your Reach

Patients participate in cardiac rehab within the comfort of their own homes, eliminating common barriers such as distance and lack of transportation.

Maximize Your Impact

Virtual ICR offers an opportunity for improved patient outcomes and increased patient engagement.

Grow Your Program

Whether you are launching a brand-new ICR program or expanding an existing one, virtual delivery can strengthen its sustainability.

Take the Next Step

Pritikin's licensed providers represent nationally-recognized heart hospitals and are among some of the largest health systems in the country.  Join our growing network as we transform the cardiac care experience for patients nationwide.

Connect with Pritikin

Our team is ready to discuss your needs and share how Pritikin's virtual solutions can work for you and your cardiac rehab patients.  Simply complete our brief inquiry form by clicking the link below.