Comprehensive Education Tool Kit

Pritikin ICR provides patients with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, both during cardiac rehab and long after cardiac rehab is complete.

Pritikin’s comprehensive learning model consists of exercise sessions paired with immersive workshops, cooking classes, and professionally-produced videos.  This flexible curriculum can be tailored to fit patients’ needs, and is designed to reinforce key concepts and support a variety of learning styles.

Loved Ones are Welcome

Loved ones are encouraged to attend each ICR session for additional patient motivation and support.

Realistic and Lasting Change

Through Pritikin ICR, patients learn how to make realistic and lasting lifestyle changes

o Create a personalized Nutrition and Exercise Action Plan

o Achieve/maintain a healthy body weight using healthy, evidence-based strategies

o Make heart-healthy choices when preparing a meal or dining out

o Utilize a variety of strategies for tobacco cessation (if needed)

o Manage stress in their daily lives