Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) is an evidence-based approach to helping patients recover and thrive after serious heart events.

Medicare's ICR benefit class provides patients with a comprehensive lifestyle approach to recovering from a cardiac event and reducing their risk for another event.

72 Reimbursable Sessions

ICR offers double the number of Medicare-covered cardiac rehab sessions: 72 vs. 36.  During every rehab visit a Pritikin ICR patient participates in both exercise  and comprehensive lifestyle education sessions. Patients learn practical ways for building a health eating plan, developing a healthy mind-set, and establishing a regular exercise routine.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Pritikin ICR's flexible delivery model meets the needs of your patients, staff and facility, leading to a program that is financially viable moving forward.


Backed by scientific research and years of experience, Pritikin ICR patients are more engaged and more likely to graduate from the program.  Recognizing these benefits, all of our partner facilities nationwide who have signed on with the Pritikin ICR program since its inception are still offering it to their cardiac rehab patients today.


Graduation Rate

vs. 24% for traditional CR


Average sessions completed

vs. 24 average sessions for traditional CR


Customer retention since inception

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