Can you believe PritikinLIVE is one year old? In honor of the anniversary, we are sharing a bit about the amazing team that has brought our short-term staffing solution to life!

Casey Atwood

Meet Casey Atwood, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has been with PritikinLIVE since the very beginning! She grew up fishing and camping in The Natural State and now enjoys doing those very same things with her husband, two boys, and their two rowdy pups. Their favorite place to be is out in nature on the mountain trails. Casey has been an RD for fifteen years and says, “Education is my passion and I love sharing and connecting with others about food and food science.”

Of her role as a PritikinLIVE educator she shares, “I couldn’t love my job more! The best part is getting to share how to improve health through nutrition with patients from all over the country.”

Kat Burris

PritikinLIVE educator Kat Burris MS, RDN is a native of San Diego and is a clinical, private practice, and corporate Dietitian. Her professional approach to nutrition is a combination of evidence-based research, behavior modifications, nutrition education, and intuitive eating principles to make sustainable lifestyle changes. She believes in educating and empowering cardiac rehab patients to make informed decisions in food management to fuel themselves for optimal health and disease prevention.

When Kat is not working you will find her in the kitchen testing out new recipes or in her vegetable garden where she loves showing and teaching her kids where good food comes from. Kat is a mama to three wild, dirt-loving little boys who inspire her daily to create nutritious, delicious, and FUN foods that keep them fueled and on the go!

Kimberly Melton

PritikinLIVE educator Kimberly Melton, a Registered Dietitian from Michigan. Between education sessions with cardiac rehab patients, Kimberly stays busy tending to her small farm. She and her husband Mark raise chickens, upkeep their gardens, and are avid beekeepers (if you look closely, behind her in the photo below you can see her beehives). She has five children and two grandchildren which means she spends lots of time in her kitchen sharing meals with family. She shares, “Cooking and eating are what I do best. Helping others have fun in the kitchen while making meals that are enjoyable is what I love to do. I look forward to meeting all of you as we learn together!”

Kelly Nelson, RD, LDN

Meet PritikinLIVE educator Kelly Nelson RD, LDN. Her journey to becoming a dietitian began when she was just three years old after receiving her very own play kitchen and set of real spices from her grandmother. She would pretend to cook all the time, even going so far as to put on cooking shows for her family. Later in life, as she juggled college and a full-time job, she put nutrition on the back burner choosing convenient but unhealthy food options. As a result, she experienced low energy and a generally unhealthy body. She changed her approach to eating after deciding to have children. “I wanted to be healthy for my children and teach them how to use food as fuel. I got back into the kitchen and started cooking again! I could feel the difference in my energy, and overall well-being. By eating the foods that are alive, it gave me life again. I started incorporating more plant-based foods and it is my absolute passion to encourage others to do the same.”

Sara Pfeifer

Meet Sara Pfeifer, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has been with PritikinLIVE since the very beginning! Before joining the team, Sara worked for 10 years as a Dietitian and Diabetes Program Director for a Native American tribe in Nebraska. After shifting her primary focus to raising her family in 2021, Sara found the flexibility of PritikinLIVE fit her busy schedule allowing her to spend time with her three kids (ages 8, 3, and 2) while still sharing her passion for nutritious food to help others. She enjoys trying new foods, traveling, reading, going for walks (when the weather warms up), and designing printable and digital products for her Esty shop.

Of her role as a PritikinLIVE educator she shares, “I love having this opportunity to spend more time with my kids but also being able to connect with people all over the country through the classes and 1:1s we offer. It has been wonderful to see how the PritikinLIVE program has grown and I’m excited to see where it goes!”

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