The Pritikin Program has been taught for nearly 50 years at our Pritikin Longevity Center, making it among the longest-standing health and wellness programs in the country. More than 150,000 people have attended the program, and over 100 peer-reviewed, published studies from UCLA have established the program’s proven health benefits. As a result of this research, Pritikin’s evidence-based program is one of only two available programs approved by Medicare for reimbursement as Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) currently available for licensing to hospitals and outpatient facilities. Pritikin ICR is offered at more than 120 hospitals and physician facilities nationwide, and to-date, nearly 80,000 cardiac rehab patients have experienced the program.

Pritikin ICR follows the same outpatient format as traditional cardiac rehab, with patients participating in the program at a rehab facility. However, Pritikin ICR takes recovery a step further, as patients have 72 reimbursable sessions – double the typical 36 sessions of CR. This means that each time your patients come to your facility, they participate in two sessions: exercise and education. Across our current Pritikin ICR programs, patients attend about 50 sessions on average. By offering Pritikin ICR, your facility can continue to provide beneficial exercise while taking your education to the next level through a comprehensive, heart-healthy educational curriculum delivered in three ways:

  1. Live workshops presented by your staff
  2. Engaging live cooking demos
  3. Full-length videos streamed from our video library

Why Choose Pritikin ICR?

A partnership with Pritikin ICR offers your cardiac rehab team the opportunity to:

  • Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Offer a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle education program
  • Increase program revenue via low-cost and highly-flexible operational models, whether your facility is large, small, or somewhere in-between
  • Reduce readmissions in a high-risk population

Pritikin has program guidelines, but ultimately, you are in control of individualizing ICR for your patients based on their specific health needs and time constraints. Patients can enroll in and begin the program at any time, so you can “capture” them immediately upon discharge. Typically, patients attend one exercise session and one education session per day, three days per week, for twelve weeks. However, because a portion of the program is video-based, patients can accelerate their completion of the program if they are time-constrained (returning to work, etc.) by completing multiple education sessions during the same visit.

Pritikin also offers tremendous flexibility for you and your team when it comes to training, implementation, staffing, and program delivery. After all, we’re not here to uproot your already successful,life-changing CR program. Instead, our dedicated team – comprised of cardiac rehab professionals with big hearts and a powerful message of hope – is here to help you take your program to the next level.