In 2018, I began a new life adventure into the world of Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) when the hospital I worked at signed on to be an ICR provider through Pritikin.

At the time, part of the training process involved flying down to the Longevity Center (PLC) in Miami, Florida to experience the program in action. Prior to opening the 1st Pritikin ICR program in Minnesota, my team and I trained alongside another new-to-Pritikin team at the PLC. I remained in contact with the cardiac rehab manager I met, and we often bounced ideas off each other as we implemented our own programs.

Fast forward two years – I had the amazing opportunity to join the Pritikin ICR team as an Account Manager. To my delight, I was assigned to UnityPoint Health – Trinity Rock Island, the team that I had trained with at the Longevity Center. I appreciate their willingness to welcome me into their journey of serving cardiac patients.

As an experienced cardiac rehab professional, I am impressed with this team’s dedication to promoting lifestyle change to their patients. The team continually strives to find ways to improve their connection to patients. They recently shared the video linked below highlighting their 2022 Pritikin Patients of the Year”. It is a powerful testament to their success, and it made me smile to hear the three featured patients tell their stories.

Image is a still from the UnityPoint video of a counter with tomatoes, basil and zuccini. Over the image is a blue and white "play" button. The image is linked to the Facebook video highlighting 3 patients who completed the Pritikin program at this location.

UnityPoint Health in Rock Island is celebrating 5 years of delivering the Pritikin ICR program at their site. I was able to celebrate with them in person last week with an anniversary lunch.

Congratulations on your Anniversary UnityPoint Team and thank you for your continued dedication to your patients.

I can’t wait to see what you do next!

To learn more about UnityPoint - Trinity Heart Center, visit their website.